Sonex #1284

Being built by Mike Kelley—Lake Oswego, OR

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Mike Kelley

Mike Kelley 

(503) 670-7228 (HM)

(503) 684-1797 (WK)



Who Am I?

I grew up in a town just outside of Indianapolis, Indiana. I went to Purdue University where I studied Electrical Engineering. I made career moves through Cincinnati, back to Indianapolis, and finally moving to Portland, Oregon in 1997. My wife, two sons, and I live in a small suburb on the South side called Lake Oswego.


Career wise, I’ve moved from hard-core DOD research, up through Applications Engineering, and into the “Dark Side” of Sales & Marketing. I finally ended up as a Business Unit GM.  Now I’ve returned to my roots working for a small California-based high-tech startup where I head-up a division, and get to do all the hardware prototyping. Some of our early protos were literally built in my garage...I can’t wait to work on my panel!



1975 Grumman AA5 Tiger


1964 Mooney M20E Executive


1971 Grumman AA1A


My Previous Planes

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